About this site

This is a personal blog about data science.

The blog represents my (biased) personal opinion and is a manifestation of my experiences in the field of data science (consulting). However, almost all ideas presented in this blog have been sanity-checked in discussions with data science colleagues and industry experts.

About me

I am a passionate scientist and firmly believe that data-driven scientific problem solving deserves a place in corporate environments. It can have a significant positive impact on the way we do business today.


Setting up data science in corporate environments is a very fragile process with many pitfalls along the way.

I have seen many companies fail or severely struggle in setting up data science. Often times the outcomes of a data science initiative lie far beyond its true potential because of major limitations created during the setup process.

Unfortunately, the view on data science is massively biased by technology and software companies investing significant amounts of money into sales activities to influence decision makers who often times lack an analytics, science or technology background.